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Yacht Underwater Service

On La Linea de la Concepcion
Up to 70 meter

We can help you:

  • Underwater Inspections
  • Underwater Hull & Propeller cleaning,
  • Anodes Replacement,
  • Rope Cutter Replacement,
  • Bow thrusters maintenance.
  • Anchor Chain Search & Recovery,
  • Removal of entanglements.
  • Swimming pool cleaning.

Underwater Inspections

Photo & video surveys of all underwater areas

Hull Underwater Cleaning

Hull cleaning should be a regular part of your general boat maintenance schedule. Removing marine growth such as barnacles, mussels and weed will work to avoid fouling and potential damage to the hull itself.
This occurs once penetrated through the anti-foul and seal coating. It is estimated that a fouled hull can increase fuel costs by over 20%, and if left alone, significant damage may require your boat to be dry docked for repairs, costing hundreds or potentially thousands of euro.

The cheaper alternative? Underwater hull cleaning and maintenance.

We using the most suitable brushes for any type of fouling while taking care of special paints & coatings.

The outcome of fouled hulls is the increase of abrasion resistance of the ship. The increased abrasion leads to speed reduction. Coating with 1mm thickness increases the abrasion by 80% thereby reducing the speed by 15% (Townsin 1987; Lui et al, 1977). So in order to maintain the same speed greater fuel consumption is required,
thereby increasing the cost and the emission of gaseous pollutants.

Zinc/Anodes Replacement

Zinc is the key to protecting your boat from corrosion. As zinc protects, it will wear down and need replacement. You provide the zinc suitable for your boat, we will replace them professionally.
Protecting metals under a yacht requires special care because there are so many different types of metal involved in its construction process . But with our help, these susceptible parts stand up better than ever before, especially with regular inspections.

The fee for the service is highly dependent on the size and condition of the vessel. It is significantly more economical than the boat lifting service. If necessary, we can go to the vessel.

Continuous 25% discount on our packages from 1st of November to 1st of May.

Lite package:
Underwater Inspections + Underwater Hull & Propeller cleaning
Normal Package:
Underwater Inspections + Underwater Hull & Propeller cleaning + Anodes Replacement